Welcome to the AkwardCast.
We’re bringing Kiwi humor to the world… Awkwardly. HashTag En Zed represent! 

Lee has gotten back into The Division 2 because of all the cool new content. Season 9 is here and comes with a bunch of interesting challenges, but still manages to only last a night worth of playing… So, it’s back to Jedi: Fallen Order for him. Story Mode has saved the day once again! Beware spoilers for Jedi: Fallen Order. 

Simone is back in Stardew Valley! Thanks to the game now being on the Windows Store and part of Xbox Game Pass, it now has achievements. And it picks up your Steam save game, so you don’t have to restart. And then she decides to be ultraviolent in ManEater. Because what’s better than just munching on heaps of people? 

Kyle has been way to social and only managed to play Halo Infinite Multiplayer – and he’s figured out how to activate his Season 2 pass! Even better. But has he found a bug with the Double XP Boost? Is anyone else experiencing this? At least we have Last Spartan Standing to help the game along. 

We’re going to be at PAX Melbourne! Do you want to get an XboxCast hug? Come up to us and do the floss!

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