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A very quiet week leads to some interesting discussions. The Stanly Parable devs are disappointed with achievement hunters, who have changed the console date and time to unlock the Super Go Outside achievement. Check out the story on TrueAchievements and let us know what you think. 

Xbox Live going down was a massive story last week, but now the engineers behind it have spoken out and have cleared up what really went wrong. Lee thinks this was a bug which wasn’t supposed to roll out, while Kyle still blames Fortnite coming to XCloud. 

EA Sports is dropping FIFA and becoming EA Sports FC, and FIFA is not bitter at all. Like they are totally cool with it. So cool, in fact, that they put out a statement saying FIFA is THE BEST football experience. This breakup was completely FIFA’s idea, and they are the ones that dropped EA. They just want to let you know that. 

And do you want 3 years of Game Pass Ultimate for $1 (if you’re new) or at a discount? We have the inside scoop! There’s a loophole, which is totally not publicized, on how to do it. If you’re confused, we have an amazingly easy walkthrough for you. You can thank us later. 

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