We're meanz, leanz, and the only podcast to feature The BeanNZ!  This is GameFace! and We're the XboxCast!
Lee is now a professional dabber. He can dab with the best of them. And then call you an ambulance.
The Lee and Simone takeover you've been wanting.  Now can you all stop asking? Please? 
E3 may be dead, but the Xbox Showcase lives on!
Kyle is hearing double voices; Lee is bragging about the weather.  And Simone is bored and boring... 
#NuNews is all the Xbox news you need to know about.  If you have to think about it, you've already lost. 
Lee now has automation - he presses buttons and things happen.  Is this the beginning of having computers take over the podcast? 
Breaking news: June is soon. It rhymes, so you know it's true.  Hey, we don't make the rules.